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HDMI vs DisplayPort vs VGA vs DVI vs Thunderbolt Cables: Complete Video Cable Guide for Monitors and TVs

HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA vs Thunderbolt (USB-C): Understand the differences between these video cables and their respective functions and capabilities in this comprehensive guide.

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USB-A vs USB-B vs USB-C: Different Types of USB Cables Explained

A complete guide to USB cables - USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C types explained. Learn about the differences and applications of the different USB cables.

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RGB vs. CMYK: What Do They Mean and What is The Difference?

RGB and CMYK are significant colour models used for digital images, colour reproduction, and printing. In this article, we’ll explain what RGB and CMYK mean and the differences between them.

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Colour Gamut vs Colour Space: What Do They Mean and What’s The Difference?

A guide to understanding what is colour gamut and colour space. This article explains why colour gamut is important and what type of colour space to look out for depending on your purpose of application. This is relevant to all types of digital displays.

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How to Clean TV Screen: Do's and Dont's to Avoid Damaging Your TV Screen

Do you know that using household cleaning products, wet wipes, and tissues to clean your TV screen can actually damage your screen? Read this article to discover safe ways of cleaning your TV screens without damaging them.

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Which TV Wall Mount to Buy? - Choosing the Best Wall Mount for your TV (2023)

Mounting a TV to the wall offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for homeowners. But there are some disadvantages, such as drilling holes in the wall. However, the overall benefits, including safety, convenience, and aesthetics, make wall mounting a TV a worthwhile investment for many.

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What is HDR10+ and How Does it Work?

Read this to find out what HDR10+ technology is, and why you need it for the best TV experience. It enhances the image quality of video content by improving colour accuracy, contrast, and brightness. 

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Comparing 4K and 8K: Is It Really Worth It to Upgrade?

Struggling to decide between a 4K and 8K TV? Understand them both better to make an informed decision.

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The Benefits of 4K TVs: Why You Should Upgrade Your HD TV to 4K

Still using a standard HD TV? It's time to upgrade your TV experience with a 4K TV.

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